How Important Is Your Finance

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Reward Yourself

A new year brings with it hope and promise for a new beginning. From losing weight to doing more volunteer work to paying off credit cards, danorbit. / Foter people set their sights high on improving themselves and their physical, mental, and financial situation. And one good move tends to lead to others; working on […]

Networking has its Advantages

I was reading quit a bit of articles about how unemployment can lead to stress, not being able to find the right job or not to mention any type of job for that matter. Financial debt can cause a tremendous amount of stress that can lead health issues, and can take a toll not to […]

Raising our kids with good financial habits.

The future of our country will be in the hands of our children. But what does that mean? We can raise our children with values and ethics and teach them the basics of life, encourage learning and education. Yet our children and their future depends on us, our children are at risk simply because not […]

Pros and Cons When it comes to 401K

For many of us, 401k plans are the first and only place we have reserved for consistent and real savings. This money we put away, should never be intended to touch until retirement. But happens if we’re faced with an unexpected expense? Is getting a 401k loan possible. Should you take out of your 401k, […]